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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Seems that Fox Network gave Craig Kilborn a new show, and then neglected to tell anyone about it:

After five weeks of its six-week test, “The Kilborn File” is averaging a 0.9 rating/2 share weighted metered market average, according to Nielsen Media Research, across Fox-owned stations in seven markets. That’s down 53% from the show’s 1.9/4 average lead-in and 47% compared to last summer’s 1.7/4 average in the time slots.

From what I can tell, the show’s already off the air in the New York market. That, and the above numbers, indicate that the gamble that Kilborn’s old audience flocking to this vehicle were ill-founded. Given that he hasn’t been on the tube in six years, it was a foolish assumption to begin with.

And I say that as a Kilborn fan. He had a memorable presence on “SportsCenter”, providing a solid supporting role during ESPN’s “Big Show” era. And hold onto your hats: I actually preferred him as the original host of the original iteration of “The Daily Show”, over Jon Stewart and what that show morphed into.

So I’m a little disappointed that “File” tanked. Maybe there’s an opening in Bristol that Kilborn can revert back to; that might actually prompt me to tune into the World Wide Leader in Sports again.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 08/12/2021 11:31pm
Category: Celebrity, Sports, TV
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