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Friday, May 21, 2021

Nearly thirty years after first seeing it, the “Saturday Night Live” 1984 skit “News Bar” still makes me chuckle. Especially the brief, My Fair Lady-like musical numbers:

Edwin Newman [singing]:
They read the news with foot in mouth, instead of tongue in cheek,
Why can’t the anchors learn to speak?

Brad Hall: “Iranians’ pains come mainly from Khomeini!”

Edwin Newman: I think he’s got it!

Tom Snyder: Alright, I’ll buy that.

Brad Hall: “Khomeini’s reign is mainly based on pain!”

Edwin Newman: Let’s try something a bit more difficult. Environmental pollution in the Northeast.

Brad Hall: Northeast… um… uh…
“Terrain in Maine is stained with acid rain!”

Edwin Newman as Henry Higgins. In a glam-news media commentary that, the ’80s topicalness aside, still is relevant today.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 05/21/2010 09:15am
Category: Comedy, History, TV
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  1. Looking for this on Youtube. I love it too.

    “All I want is a desk somewhere,
    Thirty minutes of network air,
    Someone to spritz my hair, oh
    Wouldn’t I be newsworthy?”

    “And where’s that acid rain?”
    “In Maine! In Maine!”
    “And what can they do in Maine?”
    “Complain! Complain!”

    Comment by iretalot — 07/28/2010 @ 4:31 PM

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