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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

month to month
Conan O’Brien finally had his televised say on “60 Minutes”, and came off as a gracious loser in the entire “Tonight Show” fiasco.

I like Conan; always have. But one thing bothers me about this ordeal:

CONAN O’BRIEN: …I think for anyone to say that the results were in after six months — that doesn’t ring true to me.

Team Coco’s chief complaint has been that the show just wasn’t given a fair chance, in the form of enough time to hit its stride and (re)build an audience. But wasn’t six months long enough? Every television season, new and existing shows are given far less time to make or break themselves — and that’s on a once-weekly basis, versus the five episodes per week that Conan had. To argue that “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” wasn’t on the air long enough to stick comes off as a feeble excuse.

Six months on network TV is an eternity. If that long of a tryout wasn’t enough, nothing else was going to save Conan. Had he raked in the ratings in the first place, he wouldn’t have felt he was on the clock at all.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 05/04/2021 11:52pm
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cinco lord
Unlike last year, I didn’t spend today wondering why Star Wars Day falls on the fourth day of May.

So I commemorated the Force free of doubt. But I did heed this cautionary advice:

Just don’t celebrate enough to have a revenge of the fifth.

Thus, the above image of Sith Lord Darth Vader, rockin’ his iPod. The ways of the Force are mysterious indeed.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 05/04/2021 11:07pm
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This third day of “The Daily Fortune Cookie Fortune” project on Flickr brings us a meditation on deed and consequence:

The axe soon forgets, but the tree always remembers.

The expediency of the chopper versus the experience of the chopped. Action leaves a mark! Much like the crumbs and cellophane wrapper that remained, after I devoured today’s message-bearing morsel.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 05/04/2021 09:55pm
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