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Thursday, April 29, 2021

It saddens me a little that the Empty Fortune Cookie website is apparently no more.

I mean, it never really was anything. For years, I visited the site, only to find a single static page of white background, with an image of a snapped-in-half fortune cookie as the only adornment. That’s it — no links, no text, not even page-source metadata to hint at what was going on, or what might be in store.

And that was the point, I suppose. The zen-like mysteriousness of the simple site, perfectly reflecting the concept of a message-less treat. I actually found that empty-shelled presentation to be a bit ominous. But I suppose you could take the optimistic tack, and regard such no-news as good news.

In any case, that’s now gone. Looks like the domain registration lapsed a few days ago, and some auto-squatter jumped on it and set up one of those generic URL parked pages on it. Now, it’s just another Web dead end.

Simplicity lost. I’ll have to find a new source of no-frills online serenity to link to.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 04/29/2010 11:25pm
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bottom rungs on top
I believe it was me who made the following “safe” National Hockey League first-round playoff prediction:

No upsets in the Eastern Conference first round this year. The only series that I think might — might — even be close is the New Jersey-Philadelphia one, and that’s only because of the individual matchups and regular-season dominance by the Flyers. But in the end, it’ll be Washington, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and the Devils clearing into the second round.

The West, at least, holds a little more promise for the customary lower-seed surprise. Los Angeles and Detroit are the prime candidates to take down their higher-seeded opponents.

Good thing I’m not a betting man, because my powers of prognostication stink. Two weeks later, all three Eastern division champions are sitting at home, the victims of the upset special. Only the Penguins survived to end up, at No. 4, as the highest remaining seed in the East. Meanwhile, despite moments of drama, the Western Conference wound up playing to form, with the top three seeds pushing through — including the perennially-underperforming San Jose Sharks. Only Phoenix failed to join the rest of their upper-half brethren, and considering that that series was a 4-5 matchup, it’s not much of an upset that Detroit prevailed.

So, once again, I prove my suckitude at anticipating sporting results. I’ll refrain from further calls for the duration of the playoffs. I only hope to see the Chicago Blackhawks make it to the Cup Final.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 04/29/2010 09:36pm
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