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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

If you’re going to overpay for an overpriced cocktail in some overly-swanky drinking hole, you might as well overindulge with an overdone piece of frozen water. Gläce Luxury Ice is sold in freeze-your-own pouches for 8 bucks a cube.

And, besides filtered water, what do you get for that premium price?

We took one piece of Gläce ice and one piece of ice that we made in a cupcake tray and compared the time it took for them both to melt. Over a period of about an hour the Gläce had a slower melting rate over this time period than the large piece of ice made in a cupcake tray. In fact after a while, the cupcake tray ice melted completely while there was still a minor amount of the Gläce ice left.

A slower melt rate for your money. Factor that into the rest of your bar tab, and you’re basically shelling out 40 bucks to nurse a chilled tumbler full of booze for a couple of minutes longer than normal. Cheers!

That $8 pricetag is all the more remarkable because, only four years ago, designer icecubes were selling for only a dime per piece. Indicating that a high-end drinking demand has driven up the street value of these in-glass chillers. Markets in everything, I guess — even for watered-down product.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 04/13/2010 09:10 PM
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A couple of pieces of wall- and window-scrawled graffiti I just spied on the west end of Bond Street that were not artfully-enough presented to be worthy of a photo (especially not with raindrops starting to come down), but whose messages bear recording nonetheless:

EVIL COMING HERE SOON - In a storefront window, anticipating (probably) a boutique to be called, yes, “Evil”.

DRENCH ME WITH YOUR GUCCI SAUCE - On the concrete building wall right next to above window. May or may not be related/inspired by.

The concept of evil, I can grasp. Getting doused by a fashion label? Literally or figuratively, it grosses me out.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 04/13/2010 12:39 PM
Category: Creative, Fashion, New Yorkin'
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