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Saturday, March 06, 2021

I can’t decide which one of two things is more off-putting about Michael Strahan’s new TV commercial for Sports Authority:

Is it:

- Strahan’s gratingly-pitched “WOW!” exclamation after he hits that big homerun?


- That freaky/creepy-looking sales clerk that approaches him directly afterward? Seriously, that pale-white skintone and that shoe-polish black hair and eyebrows — the guy looks practically animatronic.

Also, a side note to the Sports Authority marketing team: While most people won’t give it a second look, it’s probably not a great idea to use insider-lingo like “Strahan Campaign” as the title for this promotion’s Web landing page. Details, details…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/06/2021 06:30pm
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phoning it in
After a couple of years of toting around my iPod Touch, and thus being ID’d as a lookalike iPhoney/iFaux, I’ve finally taken the next logical step: I’ve gotten an iPhone 3GS.

And I have to say, Verizon Wireless provided the final push I needed to cross over. Their new pricing plans, which practically force you to add a data package if you want anything but a bare-bones phone, really soured me on re-upping with them. I rationalized that, if I was going to be forced into adopting a smartphone anyway, I might as well go with the only one I’d want. So once I reconciled that with the heftier phone bill — which I’d have had anyway, give or take a few dollars — the choice was easy. (I’d be very interested to find out if many others are abandoning Verizon thanks to this tactic.)

In a very real way, my time with the iTouch pretty well primed me for transitioning to an iPhone. The interfaces and applications are practically identical between the two Apple devices. Whereas a Droid phone would have required something of a learning curve (even with all the copycat touch features), the iPhone is just a continuation of what I’ve already been carrying in my pocket daily. Only better, of course.

So now, I’ve got a new toy, and a new provider in AT&T Wireless. I’m crossing my fingers on the coverage, being well-acquainted with the gripes. As for the handset itself, it’s mostly customized now, with my iTouch music, apps, contacts, notes, and photos all ported over. The main things to address now:

- Finding a decent ringtone. The on-board selection is surprisingly weak — or, perhaps, not so surprising, given that AT&T and Apple are in the ringtone-selling business. I just have to figure out which iTunes-purchased track I like enough/works best as a ringer. (A shame I can’t hack in a customized sound-snippet, as I used to do around the turn of the century.) (EDIT: Thanks to Gary for his tip on an iTunes-workaround for creating your own ringtone! I’ll have to try it — again, once I figure out which song I’d stand to hear chirping out of my phone a few times a day.)

- Search for new apps, including those that wouldn’t have made much sense on the iTouch but are suited for the iPhone (especially given the 3GS’ noticeably speedy rendering).

- Find an appropriate cover. I’d like one that has a built-in pop-out stand in the back, so I can actually prop it up on a flat surface and watch the screen while keeping both hands free. Depending on how the battery performs (the sales-tech claimed it’ll last two solid days between recharges; I’ll believe that when I see it), I’m also considering a combination protective casing and power-extending source.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/06/2021 05:38pm
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