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Saturday, January 16, 2021

I’m assuming the 2010 budgets have kicked in at various advertising agencies, which accounts for the three solicitations for blog-based marketing that landed in my inbox yesterday:

- One for Yarie, a niche-level competitor to Google AdSense;

- One on behalf of Dentyne, for some fab new packaging they want to promote;

- And one for MatchPoint, a PR clearinghouse for online pitches.

This, after months of no nibbles from the product-placement pushers. Always nice to be asked, even if it’s an obvious, relevance-free shotgun approach. I might just take the first two up on their offers; scant chance on the last one.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 01/16/2010 04:12 PM
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Not only did New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow make an overt comparison between Sarah Palin and Lady GaGa in the headline of his “Lady BlahBlah” piece today; he also weaved some GaGa-ness into the body of his writing:

I embedded as many of her song/cd titles as possible in my column. How many can you find?

I’m a sucker for word games! Especially pop-cultural ones. In descending order, starting from the top of the column, I find:

1. She’s never speechless.

2. And, she has one of the best poker faces in the game…

3. She continues to command the spotlight while they dance in the dark.

4. The race for the nomination may not be given to the slick or to the strong, but to this fame monster who seems to have the stamina to endure until the end.

Really not that many embeddings, even considering how short Blow’s column is. Overall, I prefer comparing Palin to G.I. Joe’s Baroness

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 01/16/2010 02:40 PM
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