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Saturday, January 09, 2021

There’s a certain amount of irony in Mark Hamill having outgrown his Star Wars typecasting by establishing himself as a voiceover actor — and then, despite ample opportunities in the gaming industry, never applying those skills into a reprise of the Luke Skywalker role:

Hamill’s credited with a bevy of vocal performances in non-Star Wars games, most notably as The Joker in last year’s best-seller Batman: Arkham Asylum, but revealed why he’s never played Luke in a recent interview with PC Zone magazine.

“When I played Luke from 1977 to 1983, games were in their infancy,” Hamill told PC Zone. “I talked about turning a page and starting a new chapter. Those movies had a beginning, middle and end, and everyone sort of moved on… I don’t really know how to answer that, because I’ve never been asked to do it. That’s fine, though.”

“If you’re playing Luke the way he was in the films — from his late teens to mid-20s — I’ve outgrown the role. In the story, Luke is so boy-next-door farm boy, it’s like Dorothy in Oz. All the other characters that surround him are fantastic.”

“Outgrown the role”? We’re talking vocals, not visuals. Hamill’s voice hasn’t changed that much over the years — he still sounds like Luke Skywalker. I’d think the promotional opportunities in having the original Luke voicing a CGI Luke would be huge.

And it just happens to dovetail that way, given Hamill’s second career. It’s not like Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher would be good fits to do videogame voiceover work for their characters, even if they could be persuaded to do it. But since Hamill’s already working in the same proximity, it’s a natural.

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key of springfield
Long-time fans of “The Simpsons” know this Homer-scripted jingle by heart:

Call Mr. Plow
That’s my name
That name again
Is Mr. Plow

Why mess with that simple perfection? Ask Moby, who feels compelled to apply his own spin(s) to that animated ditty:

If that song wound its way into your brain and parked itself there for nearly two decades, you’re not alone. In the documentary “The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: In 3-D! On Ice!”, which runs on Fox this Sunday, the musician Moby tells the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock he is so obsessed with the song that he created six different remixes of it.

And here’s one of those reworkings, the old-school hip-hop version, with clipped-up video:

The other mixes: Bossa nova, electro, Latin lounge, psychedelic and punk rock. The best I can say about them is that they’re all mercifully short. And while Moby is entitled to play around all he wants, I think he should find a different target for his musical obsessions. Maybe do a new, fresh-fly remix of “Do The Bartman”!

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