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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

As was the case on my flight from New York to LA, I’m once again, on the return trip, blogging from 36,000 feet thanks to GoGo Inflight Internet.

And, like last time, I’m paying nada for it. The other promo code I found worked for this session. So I got about 26 bucks’ worth of free wi-fi-in-the-sky on this cross-country sojourn. I’ll take it!

I’ll keep surfing until this netbook dies on me. And then probably connect with my iTouch.

One thing about GoGo: Their slogan reads, “The sky is no longer the limit”. That’s the same retro-futuristic tagline used in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, for the never-realized Pan-Am passenger space jet. Just throwing that out there…

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 01/06/2021 05:04 PM
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My just-wrapped trip to Los Angeles was mostly business, but there’s one after-hours moment I won’t soon forget:

Sitting in Yamashiro Restaurant’s main banquet room. Because, as you can tell almost immediately from the decor, it was the filming location for the Crazy 88s-versus-The-Bride scene from Kill Bill: Vol. 1. Almost as obvious was the central Japanese garden in the same room, which served as the outdoor winter scene from the same movie, when The Bride and O-Ren Ishii have their final showdown.

Actually, the banquet room came off as too small for all the action that took place in those two scenes. But that’s moviemaking magic for you. I haven’t bothered to verify that information — I was told of it upon entering the restaurant — but even if it’s somehow not true, I prefer to believe that it is. I happen to have just watched that movie again a couple of weeks ago, so the visuals were definitely fresh in my mind, and synced with my surroundings regardless.

Attached to that pop-cultural sensation — and weirdly extending it, even — is the impromptu spasm of song that gripped a tableful of my dining companions that night. Someone mentioned a weekend karaoke session, and next thing I knew, four or five of them started belting out their version of (what else?) Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, all around me. Acappella, of course. Which I found weird, even though it wouldn’t have been had the karaoke never been mentioned in the first place — it would have been just an ordinary sing-along.

Only had Quentin Tarantino sauntered by the table during the merriment, would the evening have been really complete. Maybe next time.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 01/06/2021 04:37 PM
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It’s a little sad that, with a new active front opening in the War on Terror, the only thing most Americans know about Yemen is that Chandler Bing once fled there to avoid breaking up with a girl.

Leading to… “Friends” as a proto-al Qaeda sleeper cell? It’s not like those Central-Perky twits had anything else to occupy their fictional lives with. Discuss. Or, better yet, don’t.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 01/06/2021 09:39 AM
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