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Sunday, January 03, 2021

Since I can’t fathom going more than a couple of hours without being online, I’m tapping the InterWebz while in-flight to Los Angeles. I’m blogging this post from 36,000 feet, thanks to GoGo Inflight Internet, the wi-fi provider for Delta.

It ain’t free (exactly). The cheapo in me resents having to pay for Web access, especially on a 6+ hour flight. Only a few years ago, Delta and other domestic airlines were providing free onboard wireless. But I guess I knew that wouldn’t last. And it’s hard to blame them for taking advantage of the situation — this is the ultimate in a captive audience. We’re lucky we’re not paying for our oxygen…

Anyway, I am getting this hookup for free. While I did have to register for an account (which I did last night, anticipating that this particular jet would be wi-fi enabled), I came across some free promo codes. Luckily, the one I chose worked! I only get to use one for this account, so unless I can create a new one (actually pretty likely), I’ll probably have to pony up the $12 for wi-fi on the return flight to NYC. But for now, I’m set.

The connection seems pretty good. If anything, I’m more concerned about having to access it via my HP netbook. The battery’s draining all too quickly; I doubt it’ll last more than another hour. And I’ve yet to get used to the cramped keyboard and generally slow processor. Still, it’s better than nothing. Besides, if the netbook conks out too early, I can always switch to my iTouch

In the meantime, I’ll have to flag down the flight attendant for a bag of peanuts, and perhaps a mojito or two. Ah, the vagaries of air travel…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/03/2021 06:26pm
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    As was the case on my flight from New York to LA, I’m once again, on the return trip, blogging from 36,000 feet thanks to GoGo Inflight Internet.
    And, like last time, I’m paying nada for it. The other promo code I found worked for this sess…

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