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Wednesday, December 02, 2021

It was only three years ago that the number of televisions per average U.S. household surpassed the number of people occupying said household. This year’s update from Nielsen shows that metric still favoring the TVs: 2.86 screens versus 2.5 humans.

And then there’s my godsister Joanne’s house, which I hear hosts eight TV sets. With four people living there — her, her husband Rich, and their two school-aged children — that 2:1 ratio curves well ahead of the national average. From my recollection on my last visit there (probably a year ago, but I doubt much has changed), at least a couple of those sets were primarily gaming/Web monitors, but with hooked up with at least bare-bones cable service.

I don’t think this count of screens under one modest-sized roof is too far out of the norm. I think having a set in places like the bathroom is overdoing it, especially when you can get the same always-on experience with your ever-present smartphone and other devices. Still, this preponderance of multiple boob-tubes shows that the medium is still alive and well, and fairly far-off from any Web-delivered demise.

That number 8 is causing a bit of scandal/chatter among our parents, who are of a disconnected generation that still considers the TV set to be a singular, central furniture-like item in a dwelling, with maybe a tiny supplemental set in the bedroom. I could try to diagram the new-media landscape for that bunch and explain why so many screens aren’t such a big deal. But I find the luddite-like outrage to be comical when viewed from a distance. Besides, it’ll burn itself out before long.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 12/02/2021 09:01 AM
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