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Wednesday, November 18, 2021

Not long ago, I questioned the real demand for a Kindle in a smartphone world:

I don’t see how the e-book readers can compete, frankly. Why lug around an extra, oversized display screen when you can carry around your library in your pocket? Obviously screen-size is sacrificed, but most people are accustomed to reading off their phone screens by now. If anything, I see the Kindle, [Sony] Reader, et al becoming niche products, for those who can’t do without large-print reading; everyone else will do their e-book reading via iPhone/iTouch. The disruption comes from including the e-book capabilities in the price of the device, versus shelling out a few hundred dollars for a separate reader.

Today, my paper of record validates my view:

“These e-readers that cost a lot of money only do one thing,” said Keishon Tutt, a 37-year-old pharmacist in Texas who buys 10 to 12 books a month to read on her iPhone, from Apple. “I like to have a multifunctional device. I watch movies and listen to my songs.”

Over the last eight months, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a range of smaller companies have released book-reading software for the iPhone and other mobile devices. One out of every five new applications introduced for the iPhone last month was a book, according to Flurry, a research firm that studies mobile trends.

For the record, I’ve yet to consume any books on my iPod Touch. I do read plenty of Web content on it, though. And write a fair amount via the virtual keyboard. I’m obviously not hankering for an e-ink screen…

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 11/18/2009 11:29 PM
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  1. Maybe I’m old fashioned…but I’ll take an actual book any day!

    Of course, this does come from a gal who got rid of her cellphone. ;)

    Comment by Jessica Nunemaker — 11/19/2009 @ 9:29 PM

  2. @JessNunemaker: So you must have downgraded to 2 tin cans connected by a string, right? ;)

    Comment by CT — 11/20/2009 @ 12:01 AM

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