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Saturday, September 19, 2021

As water mains burst with regularity on LA streets, a counter-intuitive culprit for the breakdowns emerges:

But some experts said a prime suspect should be the city’s recent decision to allow sprinklers to run only on Mondays and Thursdays. They say that if more water flows through the system on those two days when people water their lawns and then pressure suddenly changes on other days, it could put added stress on already aging pipes.

So attempts at conservation in the drought-ridden Southland result in, probably, as much water gushing out of the underground. What’s that about water finding its own level? It’s taking place on a municipal level in Los Angeles.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 09/19/2009 04:25:55 PM
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It’s actually called The Commuter Tie From Thomas Pink:

The clever new design features a small yet subtle pocket on the reverse of the tie. The [iPod Nano-sized media player] is placed in the pocket to avoid having expensive devices on display or damaging the line of one’s suit. An extra fabric loop keeps headphone wires out of sight and close to the body, leaving hands free to pick up a daily coffee or answer that all-important call.

But I’m giving this hundred-dollar neckwear its proper, functional name in my above post title. Because I’ve long wished for a handy iPod-cket that doesn’t dictate my dress-shirt choices. Unfortunately, it sounds like the tie and pocket are too narrow to accommodate a full-sized iPod or iPhone, so that leaves me out. (Could a demand for hanging larger handheld devices off the neck usher in a return to the ultra-wide ’70s-style neckties? I’m simultaneously humored and horrified at the prospect.)

Anyway, I’ve already got far too many ties in my closet. I have started wearing them on a regular basis again after a long hiatus, but that probably won’t last. Although again, if said fashion accessory provides a good way for me to stash my iTouch, then I’ll gladly wear the old neck-noose daily.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 09/19/2009 02:18:27 PM
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It’s laudable of Mercedes-Benz to come up with Attention Assist, an automotive sensor system that kicks in when a driver starts dozing off and loses control of the car.

I think they could have come up with a better way to illustrate its benefits, though. This TV commercial about the E-Class Sedan, while spotlighting Attention Assist, puts MB in an overall bad light:

Let’s review the rapid-fire driving-time mayhem, according to the voiceover:

A car that can:

- help awaken its driver if he begins to doze [cut to eyelids behind the wheel, struggling to stay open];

- keep him in his lane if he starts to wander [cut to shot of frightened-looking children in the next car as they're seemingly about to get swiped];

- even stop itself if he becomes distracted [cut to a hazardous brake-inducing tanker truck].

Assuming those three brushes with death occurred in real-time and involved the same driver/car — and maybe we’re not supposed to assume that, but the way this spot is cut, it sure seems that way — you’ve got a vehicular-homicide menace representin’ as a typical Mercedes-Benz customer. This clown doesn’t need a $50-thousand luxury car, he needs a bus pass so he can take his road-time nap without killing someone.

Plus, it’s questionable just how this display is supposed to make for an appealing purchase. Nobody recognizes themselves as being such irresponsible drivers, even if they really are. This isn’t the type of car you want to own — it’s the type of car you want the other guy to own, so he won’t crash into you. Some sales pitch.

Nice marketing messaging, MB. For your next safety innovation, show off how great your airbags work after this same drowsy dope rams his E-Class into a tree…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 09/19/2009 01:07:39 PM
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