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Sunday, August 30, 2021

dropI first read this product description for “Da’ Bomb” in Mo Hotta Mo Betta‘s novelty hot-sauce catalogue some 15 years ago:

When a sauce gets this hot, flavor is not really an issue. Pain is the issue.

Da’ Bomb is the hottest we’ve got, so if it’s scathing heat you’re after, you’ve found your dream sauce. Ka boooom!

Nothing drives home the tastebud-searing sensation of blended habanero peppers like those first two sentences. That little snatch of marketing copy stayed with me through the years, in no small part due to my having sampled this hellish concoction — barely a drop, which was enough to set my mouth on fire for literally hours, and keep me from ever cracking open that little bottle again. (It wound up sitting on my desk for years afterward, giving me and visitors a kick just from the warning label.)

It’s amusing that Mo Hotta has preserved that marketing language for so long. I’d like to think it’s because it’s been so effective all this time. But judging from their fairly basic website, I think they simply haven’t bothered to update the copywriting that they transferred online from the old print catalogues. The giveaway is that second part of Da’ Bomb’s description: At 119,700 Scoville Units of heat, this little vial of pain still ranks up there, but is well behind several other of the company’s extreme-hot sauces. Aside from the 1-million Scoville beasts, one notable concoction clocks in at 283,000, earning it the horrific tagline “Dresden in a bottle”.

Indeed, death’s-head imagery pairs up well with these barely-edible flavoring/pain agents. I haven’t seen such gratuitous mixing of food and violence since Suicide Food’s chronicle of barnyard self-immolations.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/30/2009 12:15pm
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