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Thursday, August 27, 2021

written up
What do I think of Chicago Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane’s court-ordered penalty for assaulting a taxi driver in Buffalo?

The 20-year-old player and his 21-year-old cousin, James Kane, were given conditional discharges, meaning they will avoid any penalties if they stay out of trouble for a year and write apologies to cabbie Jan Radecki.

That written apology condition, oddly enough, reminds me of my long-ago critique on how writing is regarded by authority figures:

As someone who does a lot of writing for a living, it still blows my mind when I encounter so many people who have a built-in aversion to doing any real writing (i.e., non-email/IM sentence fragments). And it’s really easy to figure out the root of that aversion: Teachers who inflict, rather than instruct, writing on their students. When you frame the act of writing as the consequence of doing something wrong, naturally the student is going to develop a distaste for that communication skill, and it’ll probably stay distasteful for their entire lives.

And that distasteful feeling now extends into the criminal justice system. I realize this is probably standard procedure, and hardly as punishing as jail time. Still, nothing reinforces the idea of writing as a negative exercise like making it a criminal reparation. Small wonder most people avoid it at all costs, even in a Digital Age that relies on the written word more than ever.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 08/27/2009 08:52:57 PM
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If Twitter is like a stereophonic tweeter — short-burst output that encourages high-frequency — then Woofer is the long-form (1,400-character minimum) low-frequency complement, resembling the eponymous speaker. Because all the work it takes to fill up that supersized input box pretty much ensures fewer answers to that “What Are You Doing?” query.

Following that stereo-equipment analogy, you’d assume that you need both of these micro- and macro-blogging services, for full-coverage social media expressive capabilities. But since Woofer is just a parody homage, I’d say you’re safe in going mono-sound with just Twitter. And starting a real blog for your 140-character overflow.

As for filling that gaping Woof-hole, there is an auto-generating solution: Just as Twitter works better with URL shorteners like TinyURL, Woofer practically demands HugeURL. In fact, I think Woofer should integrate HugeURL to automatically lengthen any permalink that’s pasted in there — instant threshold! It’s like this link-lengthening “service” now has a real(?) reason to exist…

I’ve posted only one woof; don’t see adding to that, given that I’ve got this here blog on which to string together words indefinitely. And yes, I cheated by HugeURL-ing this blog’s Web address into that woof. I simply don’t have a spare 6,700-odd characters to contribute, like some other bloggers do.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 08/27/2009 12:45:30 PM
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