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Tuesday, August 25, 2021

I’ve been meaning to get around to visiting The High Line ever since it opened this summer. The elevated greenery hasn’t been enough of an enticement for me, but the Meatpacking District sideshow overlooking it might be:

The Standard Hotel, which towers over the newly opened High Line park, features floor-to-ceiling windows — and guests with a penchant for leaving the curtains wide open when they shouldn’t.

In recent days, guests have been spotted having sex, toweling off, and pleasuring themselves — all to the viewing wonderment of tourists and New Yorkers strolling the High Line.

The Standard vows to cut down on the lewdness. Too bad. Parkland propriety aside, a hotel-based equivalent to the Mile High Club would be something to strive for.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/25/2009 09:21:02 AM
Category: New Yorkin', Society
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  1. SkyDome errr Rogers Centre called, and it wants its novelty back.

    Comment by Tom Biro — 08/25/2009 @ 02:03:29 PM

  2. Ha, I didn’t even think of that Toronto Blue Jays incident. Canadians, eh…

    Comment by CT — 08/25/2009 @ 03:43:57 PM

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