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Friday, August 21, 2021

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It completely slipped my mind that this past Wednesday marked the five-year anniversary of the launch of Population Statistic. Frankly, if today wasn’t such a slow news/blogging day for me, I wouldn’t have bothered mentioning it here now, two days later.

So obviously, if this blog were my wife, it would have ample grounds for divorce.

Better late than never, though. For what it’s worth, the posts I did publish on blogiversary day were high-quality, I think. Judging from the feedback and traffic they’re drawing, I’d say I did the fifth birthday proud, formal observance aside.

As for the state of the blog in a larger sense… It’s worth noting that the past five years of permalinking are an extension of my original two-year training-wheels web journal on Blogger/BlogSpot (which remains, and will remain, on Google’s servers indefinitely). My Web writing and editing style has evolved somewhat over that stretch; the main shift has been well away from the personal insights that I intended to include in this space. But overall, the basic framework remains: Generally unfocused beyond a broad range of my personal interests, and a commitment to update with at least one post every day of the week, weekends and holidays included. Nobody’s perfect — I’ve have occasional lapses in that span, but mostly have stuck to the script. When you can still measure the average blog’s lifespan in a matter of weeks, I’d say I’ve proven my staying power.

On to the next 12 months. Hopefully this InterWebz fad doesn’t run out of steam before then…

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From where I was sitting on Tuesday, the night’s flash thunderstorm wasn’t so much of a much. But it was a dramatically different story uptown:

Thirty-six hours after a freak nighttime storm scythed through mid-Manhattan, felling an estimated 500 trees and snapping branches off thousands more, an arboreal trauma team fanned out through the hardest-hit sections of Central Park and Riverside Park, mapping the devastation for hard decisions ahead. The estimate of felled trees in Central Park, put at fewer than 100 on Wednesday, grew to several hundred on Thursday.

Is there an undeclared war going on between the weather and the trees? If so, the ground-sprouts certainly took one on the chin in this round. That this happened without any ripple effect (seems like there was absolutely no clue of this harshness below 14th Street) is baffling. I thought I left behind these sorts of weird weather effects in Florida…

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