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Thursday, August 06, 2021

It’s summer, so it’s time to let your footsies breathe a little. All while holding your breath over yet another outcropping of body-image anxiety:

Summer footwear only increases the opportunities to feel foot shame. Some of the stuffiest workplaces now accept open-toe shoes, and flip-flops are a de facto uniform of the college-aged. Kaleidoscopic pedicures direct the eye downward, as do sandals with such flimsy straps that Manhattanites might as well go barefoot.

Yet a paradox is at play. We paint our toes more than ever, but most of us don’t take the time to care for the rest of our feet. “We pay more attention to our toes than our heels,” said Dr. Marlene Reid, a podiatrist in Naperville, Ill.

This is mainly a female concern. Men do go semi-barefoot, via sandals and flip-flops, more often these days as well, so the more stylin’ metrosexuals need to fuss with male pedicures. But the pressure is with the ladies, because more of their all-situational fashion choices demand foot-baring.

And therein lies the problem, as I lamented long ago:

There are really not that many pretty feet out there. In fact, there are far too many downright ugly ones on display, thanks to this open-toed madness. No matter how many $75 pedicures or toerings administered, ugly feet remain ugly feet. The biggest shame of it is, most women are kidding themselves to the contrary (although I suspect that, deep down, they know they’re not pulling it off).

So if anything, I’m rooting for this feet-first fashion trending to result in a backlash, i.e. people rejecting all the extra maintenance and retreating to cover-up shoes. Out of mind, and (more importantly, for societal-aesthetic purposes) out of sight.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 08/06/2021 03:52:18 PM
Category: Fashion, Society, Women
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