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Tuesday, August 04, 2021

I’ve already taken note of the new focus upon data-mining in online advertising. Thanks to recession-prompted constraints, the imperative to apply quantitative analytics has moved offline, to challenge the traditional dynamics within the advertising industry.

After years of calling the shots, the traditional Mad Men of advertising — the creative types who cooked up memorable sell-lines like “the ultimate driving machine” — are increasingly sharing the spotlight with, you guessed it, the nerds. Or as Jon Bond, a co-founder of Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners, which has done work for Target and Panasonic, says, “If we were in India, it would be as if the untouchables had suddenly become the ruling class.”

What has allowed the lowly quants to sit at the same table as the advertising Brahmin is a new way of thinking about the creation of desire. No longer is purchasing simply considered an emotional act, but rather one that can be measured with scientific precision. Our synapses, it turns out, are hardwired to respond to certain types of messages. And newly available numerical analysis is taking the guesswork out of deciphering which ads will best turn consumers into Pavlov’s dogs — purchasing not by will but by reflex.

The fundamental shift, from the creative-process side: Advertising is becoming less artistic, and more technical. That’s the hope, anyway — all in pursuit of eliminating the fabled “wasted half” in advertising budgets.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/04/2021 04:27pm
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