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Sunday, August 02, 2021

Decades after “pay TV” became commonplace, we still have a problem with the idea of enduring commercial interruptions along with our cable/satellite bills. So the ever-burrowing presence of interstitial ads, target-delivered via TiVo and set-top box programming, is sure to set off even more audience grousing.

But if the audience is unhappy, the real customers — i.e., the advertisers — should be thrilled with the relatively low cost of entry:

One ad buyer was told by TiVo that a “pause” ad costs $20,000 a week with exposure on 15 programs. That would be a bargain by some measures: A 30-second commercial airing once on prime time TV costs about $150,000, on average. TiVo would not confirm its rate, saying that what an advertiser ultimately pays can vary widely, depending on what’s negotiated.

Short of affixing a permanent bumpersticker on monitor screens, this is the most effective way of getting an ad in front of rapt eyeballs. So much for TiVo enthusiasts touting the benefits of fast-forwarding past the regular 30-second spots.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/02/2021 06:28:39 PM
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Amid the noise over potentially impending legalization, product designers wonder how best to package newly over-the-counter marijuana joints.

The concepts are professionally done, but erroneously antiseptic-looking. The clear-plastic bagging and sealed foil pockets are fine for medical marijuana, but that’s not going to be the primary selling market for these roll-ups. Because smokes are smokes, we all know what the corporate-crop rumors will beget at gas stations and bodegas across the land:

So those proposed pharmacy-product cigarettes are charmingly naive, when you just know that Philip Morris is primed to slap its Marlboro brandname onto endless packs of wacky tabacky. A natural complimentary offering to an established tobacco market. No sense in re-inventing the wheel.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/02/2021 03:55:43 PM
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A couple of weeks ago, I lamented that I’d overloaded myself by cooking too much rice for dinner. Somehow, I figured that four cups wouldn’t be too much to eat in a couple of days. I plead ignorance based on kitchen math, in that the 1:1.5 ratio of rice-to-water seemed easier to achieve when multiplied to reach whole numbers…

Turns out I needed close to two weeks to finally finish off the leftovers. Managed to clear out the big metal container from my fridge on Friday, and am now thankful for the freed-up space. As I said, lesson learned — a little bit of long-grain goes a long way.

Or maybe I didn’t learn my lesson. Apparently, six days is the upper limit for cooked-rice storage. So I was risking food poisoning, all for the sake of not wasting a few grains. Luckily, I didn’t detect any spoilage, or experience any ill effects. All the same, next time I’ll whip up my rice in small-batch quantities.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/02/2021 01:58:06 PM
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