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Tuesday, July 28, 2021

Even if someone had anticipated William Shatner ever doing a sequel to his infamous spoken-word interpretation of “Rocket Man”, I doubt they would have guessed the source material would come from the Republican Party’s newest ex-Governor. Or that Conan O’Brien would be the facilitator of this politico-artistic synthesis.

So if that alone isn’t mind-blowing enough, here’s Sarah Palin’s farewell speech, as channeled through Shatner:

Poetic verse doesn’t make that rambling goodbye to Alaska any more coherent. But as they say, at least it comes with bongos.

Let’s just hope that this is where it ends. Because if Palin does, indeed, make it to the White House, and at the same time Montreal native Shatner fulfills his ambition to become Canadian prime minister, we’ll know where the future North American Cold War will have started…

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 07/28/2009 10:46:25 PM
Category: Celebrity, Comedy, Politics, Pop Culture
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