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Friday, July 17, 2021

Not even the Yiddish Dictionary could come up with a more succinct definition for the yin and the yang of Jewish haplessness:

Traditionally, a schlemiel is a person who spills the soup; a schlimazel is the one on whom he spills it.

Maybe they should order salad instead…

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 07/17/2009 01:50pm
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in disguise
Joining Twitter may not have boosted this blog’s traffic as much as I’d hoped, but it has paid off in other tangible, offline ways. To wit:

Last night was the first-ever Masquertweet party/meetup in New York, at 49 Grove. The theme, obviously, was to show up “in costume”, with a mere eyemask sufficing as the bare minimum in dress-up. I took this minimalism to heart by getting a lorgnette handle-held black mask (which got me some looks on the walk down Bleecker Street as I let it hang from my shirt collar like a pair of sunglasses). Perfect as an unobtrusive accessory, plus it put me in mind of Eyes Wide Shut

Proceeds from the cover charge were for charity (12for12k and Eye Care For Kids, specifically), so it was all good. I met some great people, most of them in the PR field or some offshoot. It’s always a little jarring to meet online acquaintances face-to-face, although I’d say most of the tweeters there were people I hadn’t been following up until then. I am glad I got to meet-and-greet with @prcog (who organized this event), @aerocles, @kibbe, @jdodd, and others. I was especially glad to meet @nikisnotes, who somehow charmed me into Flip-filming her host segments for an on-the-spot “Philanthropy Is Sexy” video…

While meeting people in real life is tangible enough, the real payoff came at the end of the night, when the raffle giveaway was drawn. I somehow wound up winning the grand prize of an HP Mini 110 Netbook! I was floored, because I never win these things. So I’m pretty stoked to have netted some free hardware, just for getting out of the house for once and networking/cocktailing. (I don’t have any real need for yet another techie device, but I’ll never turn down a freebie.) Thanks go to PR firm BurrellesLuce for donating the prize, along with some quality conversation.

And, ultimately, I wouldn’t have had this night of masquerade fun and gain if not for everybody’s favorite bird-themed social network. So I have to admit that Twitter is, indeed, good for something other than time-killing. Which I’ll be doing a bit more of, now that I’ve got another wireless toy on the way…

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 07/17/2009 12:08pm
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