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Tuesday, July 07, 2021

At least one good thing is coming out of this gobbledygook rebranding of Sci Fi Channel to Syfy: We’re getting free wireless Internet access!

Syfy will also be providing public Wi-Fi for a year in Rockefeller Plaza and, starting later this summer, in Union Square and other pedestrian hubs in Manhattan. While the service stresses Syfy’s civic-mindedness, says [network president Dave] Howe, it offers the additional upside of directing the million projected users to a Syfy-branded login page.

Solid. Good to know of some reliable hotspots around town, ideal for quick iTouch checks. I’ll endure the Syfy imagery; doubtful that it’ll spur me to actually tune into the channel, which is effectively non-existent to me now, regardless of the i/y substitution.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 07/07/2021 05:20:02 PM
Category: Advert./Mktg., New Yorkin', TV, Wi-Fi
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  1. Now if only they had hyfy sound.

    Comment by CGHill — 07/07/2021 @ 05:30:09 PM

  2. And as long as they’re branching out, I hope the network sets up Jy Aly. Because there’s a lack of frontons in the tri-state area.

    Comment by CT — 07/07/2021 @ 05:40:23 PM

  3. *shrug*
    As long as they keep pumping out “SyFy” original movies.

    Comment by Alfred — 07/08/2021 @ 03:34:41 PM

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