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Friday, July 03, 2021

With the nation still reeling over last week’s celebrity demises, leave it to Sarah Palin to close out the pre-holiday period by dropping her own bombshell: Announcing her resignation as governor of Alaska, effective by end of July.

Where to start? For one, I’ll peg the over/under on the number of monologue jokes for David Letterman on Monday at 6. Plus one more mock-video piece after he gets behind his desk. And what the hell: A whole Top Ten List dedicated to the newly lame-ducked governor, as well.

As for Palin’s motives, I believe her when she cites the harsh media glare, as she never seemed comfortable navigating that treacherous terrain (nor having her family used as a punching bag).

Do I believe that she’s out of politics for good? No. For one, her Political Action Committee (linked above) is still chugging along, so if nothing else, she’ll get to influence issues and voters via that outlet. Shedding political office helps her be more of the “maverick” she’s claimed to be. It also helps her distance herself from direct association with the other GOP govs who’ve lately disgraced themselves (you know who you are, Nevada and South Carolina). More logistically, she can wave bye-bye to Alaska and its fringe-iness, allowing her to move to California or wherever the conservative action is.

I can’t say how this impacts her future aspirations. Frankly, I always foresaw more of a Dan Quayle fate for her: Regular visits to the rotary club meetings, timely sniping from the outskirts, and generally a low-level presence on the political scene. As opposed to, say, Richard Nixon’s deft resurrection after his Presidential loss to JFK in 1960. If I had to bet, I’d still go with the former outcome for Caribou Barbie.

And, if all else fails, she can always embark upon the ultimate hockey-mom dream: Becoming NHL commissioner.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 07/03/2021 07:34pm
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Something that’s not backed up by any verifiable facts, but of which I’ve observed enough instances to feel confident in declaring:

Yoga studios in New York City are always located on the second floor or higher.

Every time I walk by a building that houses a yoga joint, and that has a banner attesting to it, the location is always up a flight of stairs. I’m assuming that the rents are significantly cheaper than the walk-in friendlier ground-floor locations. But every instance? To the point where such location is good marketing advice? Bikram or just regular free-form bendies? What gives? Does the higher elevation aid in achievement of higher consciousness?

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 07/03/2021 03:03pm
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If nothing else, the above (admittedly crappy) cameraphone photo at least proves that someone in New York is reading this blog. Specifically someone(s) at The Orchard’s offices overlooking Lafayette Street, who have a thing for decorative Post-It Noting of the windows.

How do I know they read my previous post on this NoHo sighting? Because that paper-pixelated “Pac-Man” used to be a peach:

Accordingly, I guess I’m wrong about that pixelated fruit being the bonus-points orange from “Pac-Man”. It’s actually The Orchard’s corporate logo, which, from the looks of it, is supposed to be a peach. That would make sense, as peaches do grow in orchards, while oranges grow in groves. (Although this Post-It creation could be doubling as both, just to fit in better with the “Space Invaders” alien and spaceship.)

So either I was right in the first place, and that really was an orange all along, or else they’re just screwing around. If they’re taking requests, the next oldschool blocky videogame I’d like to see represented is “Robotron: 2084″

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 07/03/2021 12:56pm
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