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Thursday, June 18, 2021

A budding global economic coalition consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, and China is, sensibly enough, known as BRIC.

The four countries produce about 15 percent of the world’s gross domestic product and hold about 40 percent of the gold and hard currency reserves, but they are not a unified bloc and do not do enough business among themselves to justify a trade alliance.

Russia and Brazil export natural resources, China exports manufactured goods and India bases its growth primarily on domestic demand. As such, India is not as concerned with the status of the dollar and is by no means as intent on scoring ideological points against the United States as is Russia.

The acronym BRIC was coined by a Goldman Sachs economist in 2001 to describe the four countries that were expected to surpass today’s largest economies by 2050, owing to their faster growth rate.

Jim O’Neill is the economist who cooked up the grouping. While the selection of those four emerging states was straightforward enough (with Mexico and Indonesia distant second-tier candidates), he says that their acronym arrangement was up for debate:

[Goldman chairman and CEO] Lloyd Blankfein occasionally jokes to me that I should have called it CRIB. I said I never thought of that, but even in hindsight I don’t think I should have given it any consideration because it would have implied that they were just babies.

Well, CRIB would have been more relatable to the younger crowd, which represents a good chunk of those countries’ populations. “Who’s in the CRIB?” could’ve been a hip poli-economic rallying cry…

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Yesterday, I overheard this from a couple of passersby in Union Square:

…It’s like a gay version of Crash

I recognized the context enough to know that they were talking about the movies, and I assumed that it was the acclaimed 2004 film that was providing the frame of reference for some unknown gay-themed flick (favorably, by the tone of voice).

But then, I remembered the earlier 1996 movie of the same name. That David Cronenberg-directed effort was decidedly darker and kinkier than the star-ensembled picture, and a powerful piece of work in its own right.

So which Crash was being referenced on the street? Probably the more recent one, I know. But can’t be sure until the promotional mill starts up, and some new-release gay cinema movie starts getting promoted as, “…not since Crash has…”, with the rest of the two-bit description revealing the inspiration.

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