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Saturday, May 23, 2021

Clutch Tees delivered! After I blogged about the Caddyshack “Bushwood Country Club” t-shirt my friend sent me as a birthday present, I promptly emailed the permalink to get a gift certificate for another Clutch shirt. Sure enough, they sent back the $25 voucher, to be applied toward the purchase of another tee.

And I chose the one pictured above, which I’m wearing right now. Frankly, it was the only other one in their collection (aside from the Bushwood one I already have) that I could see wearing without incurring lost-youth embarrassment. The “Give Peas A Chance” tagline is cutesy, but I can live with it, and I liked the simple smiley-faced green sprites. They look good against the light-blue cloth, too (which is much darker in real life than in the photo here). Worth the minor-grade blog shilling.

So the net result is that I got two birthday t-shirts. I guess I could submit this post for yet another gift certificate, but I think I’ll stop at just two.

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Following the thematic design from last year’s summertime promotion, the Public Theater is once again showing off some uniquely-conceived visuals in support of its Shakespeare in the Park productions.

This summer, the two plays are Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” and Euripides’ “The Bacchae”. The iconic touches are just right: A classic Greek sculpture mock-vandalized with a cheesy mustache, combining to represent the essence of both stories. Nicely minimalist to get the point across.

Like last year, I had to snap this subway poster with my cameraphone, with only fair results (and only slightly improved on Flickr). I really wish either the Public or their creative agency, Pentagram Design, would put this stuff online.

For comparison, here’s the poster from last year’s combination of “Hamlet” and the hippie-musical “Hair”:
You can see they followed the same template, and since it’s so visually arresting, why not? Fact is, for me, the attention to the offbeat typography is at least as captivating as the images used. So I’m happy to come across it during my subway-tunnel traverses.

As for catching the productions, I’m leaning more toward “Bacchae”, just because it’s more compact and I prefer an ancient Greek tragedy to a medieval English comedy. Plus, the “outlawing of desire” theme faintly echoes the current-day gay-marriage debate, so there’s that timeliness angle. Although Anne Hathaway’s participation in “Twelfth Night” is tempting me…

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Even though it has previously applied the trademarked “Take The Train To The Game” tagline to all the area’s major-league sports venues, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has noticeably ramped up that promotion for the just-completed Metro North Railroad Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station stop.

“Take The Train To The Game” is a catchy little turn of the phrase. Catchier still if you’re a New York child of the ’70s and still remember — no, make that “can’t possibly forget” — the similar “Take The Train To The Plane” jingle in the old JFK Express television commercials.

So why not leverage that old campaign now? The MTA should collaborate with the Yankees to cook up a nostalgic ad or two that repurposes that brain-burrowing two-verse ditty:

A mock-nostalgic sarcastic tone would work well. An inside joke to those of us old enough to get it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/23/2009 10:50am
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