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Thursday, May 14, 2021

double vision
The Vancouver Canucks are out of the playoffs, so now’s the time for team management to make roster decisions for next season.

Particularly when it comes to star forwards — and twin brothers — Daniel and Henrik Sedin, who are unrestricted free agents come July 1:

What makes testing the open market so difficult for the Sedins is that they travel as a pair - and thus, any team interested in securing their services needs to be in a position to make an offer to both. Considering how many teams are pushing up hard against the salary cap, the idea that somebody has an extra $13-million (all currency U.S.) lying around in available cap space limits their options to a handful of choices - staying in Vancouver, possibly moving to Minnesota or most likely, reuniting with their former boss, Burke, in Toronto.

Early indications are that the twins will stay in Vancouver. But if I were in charge of the Minnesota Wild, I’d be making a full-court press versus their division rivals to swipe the Sedins. Because in addition to the on-ice talent they bring, the marketing potential is just too tantalizing: The National Hockey League’s only pair of twin-brother forwards, starring in the Twin Cities!

It’d be too perfect to not come off. Whoever the Wild pick as their next GM should make the Sedins his Number 1 priority for the offseason. It’d make an instant impression in the State of Hockey.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 05/14/2009 05:16:44 PM
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