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Wednesday, April 22, 2021

rough diamond
Just the other day, I was bitching about how overly-enamored this town is when it comes to their precious baseball teams.

Apparently, that devotion has its limits when it comes to forking over premium-seating cash:

After spending $2.3 billion on new stadiums packed with suites, restaurants and the latest technology, the Mets and the Yankees expected fans to embrace their new homes and pay top dollar for the privilege. Almost every team that has built a new stadium in the recent past has seen an immediate surge in attendance.

Instead, the Mets and the Yankees face a public relations nightmare and possibly millions of dollars in lost revenue after failing to sell about 5,000 tickets — including some of the priciest seats — to each of their first few games after last week’s openers.

The empty seats are a fresh sign that the teams might have miscalculated how much fans and corporations were willing to spend, particularly during a deep recession. Whatever the reason, the teams are scrambling to comb over their $295- to $2,625-a-seat bald spots.

So much for sports being recession-proof. They actually are to a degree, just like any other form of entertainment; but disposable income stops being disposable when the per-game pricetag tops a thousand bucks to just plant your butt in a seat.

This underlines just how shallow the well has become. The Yankees certainly have been beating the bushes to reach new high-end ticketbuyers, even engaging luxury real-estate agents to package those premium seats with home purchases. Since the housing market in the tri-state area is just now softening, the timing couldn’t be worse for that pitch.

As for the Mets, I detect a potential silver lining for me personally. I already mentioned that last week’s canceled insider’s tour of Citi Field would be rescheduled, with a good chance of game tickets being thrown in. If those home-plate premium seats are still unsold by that point… Dare I dream?

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 04/22/2009 02:20:44 PM
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