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Monday, April 06, 2021

If you still want to get in the running to win the big No Fear “Earn Some Cred” Prize Pack — too late, sucker! I picked the winner earlier today, as scheduled, and commenter Chris W hit the $100-worth jackpot.

Both Chris and I should be receiving our swag (I’m getting only a 12-pack of No Fear Bloodshot Energy Drink and a t-shirt, while Chris gets that plus the extra trinkets) within a couple of weeks. Thanks again to Tara for setting up this little blog-targeting promotion.

A brief postmortum on this contest, from the blog/marketing/SEM angle:

- I now know that mommybloggers aren’t fans of No Fear. That group was the driving force behind participation in my previous product giveaway, the Pepsi Ultimate Super Bowl Park Pack. I should have hoped that constantly-frazzled stay-at-home mothers would have craved the freebie caffeinated 12-pack, if nothing else.

- Relating to the above, I’m thinking that a specific event-oriented promotion would draw more searchers and determined contest-seekers. The Earn Some Cred campaign doubtless resonates with the subculture that No Fear already cultivates, but beyond that niche, not enough interest to draw the broad audience that this blog regularly attracts. Thus the paltry total of only four entries/comments, versus more than 50 for the Pepsi Super Bowl prize.

- I once again relied mainly on organic SEO and SEM to bring in traffic to the post, including a sitewide sidebar image/text link. It generated decent enough numbers, although again, nothing like the Super Bowl promotion.

- I did toss out daily Twitter tweets linking back to the post for the duration of the contest period (about a week and a half), in an effort to tap another audience. At least one of the entries did come as a direct result of those tweets. But as with the overall efforts at visibility, Twitter as a promotional channel was fairly underwhelming.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 04/06/2021 10:35:05 PM
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