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Wednesday, April 01, 2021

bust it
Can’t say I’m concerned about the big bad Conficker worm virus that’s set to strike.

But I applaud the Associated Press for gracing their coverage of the impending cyberdoom with a “DOING THE WORM” headline, thus applying the oldschool breakdancing maneuver to a techno-societal level.

Plus, it gave me an excuse to post the above picture, which is a screenshot of Visa’s old “Worm/Recycling” animated TV commercial:

Note that this particular breakin’ worm starts his set with the King Tut — seemingly incongruous, but actually more impressive owing to the lack of limbs. Probably why I took time to blog about it, exactly three years ago today (worm-related coincidence?).

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 04/01/2021 11:58:33 AM
Category: Advert./Mktg., Internet, Pop Culture, Tech, True Crime
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