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Friday, March 20, 2021

en fuego
Washington Capitals winger Alexander Ovechkin caused a predictable NHL talking-heads ruckus over his 50th-goal “hockey stick on fire” celebration during the 5-2 Caps win over the Lightning:

Here’s what I’m wondering:

Taking into account that this happened on the road at Tampa Bay, do you think that, somehow, Ovechkin knew that the name “Tampa” is derived from the Calusa Indian word for “sticks of fire”, and thus intentionally chose that “stick on fire” motif?

Unlikely, I know. But if that’s somehow true, I’m duly impressed that Alex O would take the time to research the local history, and incorporate it into his on-ice choreography. Makes the premeditated NFL-endzone dance vibe more palatable.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 03/20/2009 01:09:31 PM
Category: Florida Livin', Hockey
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  1. Population Statistic with the line of the day…

    - Population Statistic with the line of the day. AO was actually honoring his hosts, not disrespecting them….

    Trackback by Japers' Rink — 03/20/2009 @ 03:50:29 PM

  2. Puck Headlines: Pronger can be suspended in your living room…

    …- Population Statistic has cracked the case on Alexander Ovechkin’s motivation for the “fire stick” celebration: “Ovechkin knew that the name ‘Tampa’ is derived from the Calusa Indian word for ’sticks of fire’, and thus intentionally chose that ‘stick on fire’ motif?” [Not for nothing, PopStat, but that was brilliant]

    • Someone really needs to interview Teemu “Shotgun” Selanne about goal celebrations, because his name is coming up a lot on this Ovie debate. [Windy City Hockey and Mike Chen]…

    Trackback by Puck Daddy - A Y! Sports Blog — 03/20/2009 @ 07:27:51 PM

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