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Wednesday, March 18, 2021

Not to get overly carried away with Martin Brodeur’s NHL-record 552nd goaltending win last night, but during the game broadcast, a newspaper headline flashed onscreen, and I liked it:


I know only enough French to get my face slapped, but I could translate this phrase easily enough: THE NEW KING.

But that’s only the surface meaning. The double-entendre, in good sports-journalist tradition, had to do with who’s career-wins total Brodeur bettered: Patrick Roy’s. So the compact pun: Brodeur is not only the new record-book king, but also, in a sense, the new Roy. Only works in French, and that language-specificity makes it that much cooler.

Wish I could confirm which Quebecois newspaper that was. The only online trace I could find was this re-use by Fanatique.ca; it’ll have to do.

Bonus blog-reader points to anyone who can translate my all-Gallic title for this post ;)

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 03/18/2009 11:31:56 AM
Category: Hockey, Wordsmithing
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  1. As the webmaster of Fanatique, I can confirm your point :)

    But I will just add that ROY mean KING only in old french… as of today we write it ROI but it’s all the same pronounciation.

    Comment by Emile — 03/18/2009 @ 03:00:11 PM

  2. Dang, I should have known that, thanks. I’ll pass that off as phonetic wordplay and thus preserve my premise ;)

    Comment by CT — 03/18/2009 @ 03:12:11 PM

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