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Tuesday, March 17, 2021

the master
Back when I recommended an extreme advertising/marketing makeover for the New York-famous Dr. Jonathan Zizmor, I did so because his ubiquitous subway ads (sample of which is pictured above) look so dated.

I didn’t realize until today, though, just how dated these rainbow-sporting monstrosities are, after doing the subway stare at one:

The three credit-card logos that Dr. Ziz accepts and displays on (at least some) of his trademark ads? Visa, American Express — and Master Charge.

That’s right — not MasterCard, but Master Charge. A brand that disappeared back in 1979.

I snapped a cameraphone pic of the transgressing ad, but it came out too cruddy to be worthy of posting here. However, it’s not too cruddy for a Twitter posting

I’m guessing that the Ziz uses the same homemade paste-up template for these ads that he’s used for the past thirty years, and simply never bothered to update certain graphical elements. Or maybe he’s accepting payment from long-term patients with a bunch of long-expired Master Charge “charge plates”, and has never caught on. Either way, why mess with success, right?

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 03/17/2009 12:45:07 PM
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