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Friday, March 06, 2021

If this wasn’t intentional, it should have been:

Near the corner of Bowery and Great Jones Streets, there’s a modest-sized but noticeable movie poster for today’s big release, Watchmen.

And a couple of doors up, there’s a building with a for sale/for lease sign hanging from it, signifying that it’s represented by Ozymandius Realty.

I’d like to think that the building has been available for months on end — good chance of that, in that ‘hood — and someone in Warner Bros. marketing saw it, leading to a strategically-placed (yet insider-targeted) ad buy.

Who watches, indeed?

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 03/06/2021 01:46:54 PM
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What’s the weirdest thing about the rise of professional “mystery worshippers”, the institutional-religion answer to mystery shopping that basically equates churchgoing with a spiritual retail experience?

It’s that it unintentionally evokes the medieval-era mystery plays that used to be a big part of Christian indoctrination. That’s the first thing I think of when connecting “mystery” with “church”, keeping in mind the former’s strictly Christian definition.

I guess the key difference between then and now is that the mysteriousness is working against a particular church, rather than for it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 03/06/2021 11:56:29 AM
Category: Business, History, Society
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Back to the bad-weather incidence of shuffled-up track lists off my iTouch, as today’s cloud-covered sky somehow influenced a noteworthy stream of music through my earbuds.

Thank 8trk for the enumeration of eight, as usual.

1. “Circus (Junior Vasquez Electric Circus)”, Britney Spears - Let me see what you can do.

2. “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt”, Yellowman - A’searching if you have any ratchet.

3. “Ce jeu (The Twelves Remix),” Yelle - Que je n’trouve plus de sens.

4. “Not In My Name (16volt Check Yourself Mix)”, KMFDM - Add a cause to a bomb then set it off.

5. “The Dark of the Matinee”, Franz Ferdinand - What I made is unclear now.

6. “Get Down Tonight”, KC & The Sunshine Band - Same place, same time.

7. “Homo Christmas”, Pansy Division - Don’t be miserable like Morrissey.

8. “Rock the Bells”, LL Cool J - You’re totally engulfed by the structure and the format.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 03/06/2021 11:07:15 AM
Category: Pop Culture, Weather, iPod Random Tracks
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