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Wednesday, March 04, 2021

The big techie-geek buzz today is over Amazon’s Kindle (software) being ported to the iPhone/iPod Touch as a free app.

So for all the hype that Amazon has generated over its e-book hardware, it actually acknowledged that Apple’s ubiquitous devices threaten to undercut dedicated e-book gadgets, and so is hedging its platform bets:

This is a shrewd move. It’s unlikely that many will want to trade the Kindle reading experience for the iPhone’s, but it should prove a useful complement that drives more Amazon revenue. As Mozilla’s John Lilly opines, the iPhone Kindle application is “useful if I’m somewhere and forgot my Kindle,…and I’m sure that I’ll buy books with it to read a snippet then really read on my Kindle.”

In sum, by providing a Kindle for iPhone application, Amazon has opened up a compelling complement to its Kindle device, one that will likely feed more revenue to Amazon while simultaneously crippling rivals’ efforts to build a critical mass of iPhone e-book readers.

For now, the Kindle app provides a taste (and more, considering that it’ll render color pictures/illustrations, something the grayscale Kindle hardware can’t do). The plan is to entice book junkies to testdrive on the familiar small touchscreen, in the hopes that they’ll step up to the $300 real thing. (I’m thinking part of the enticement package should be a coupon for one free book download — otherwise, folks will have an app that doesn’t look at anything but preview snippets.)

I see a longer-term strategy here, though. If the Kindle doesn’t sell in bunches (and I don’t believe Amazon’s claims to such so far — they had a limited-run of the original Kindle, so no wonder it sold out quickly), then they at least have established a beachhead on the most popular mobile platform out there. The whole point is to sell the digital properties, and cornering a spot on the iPhone — and crowding out competing e-reader apps, not-so-incidentally — gives Amazon some insurance.

For myself: I haven’t downloaded Kindle onto my iTouch yet. Don’t see a compelling reason to do so. I’ve got reading material on my device already, so I have no issues about squinting at the small screen for reading pleasure (unlike the digital curmudgeons at Time Magazine). I’m just not sure I want to start stockpiling literature on my iPod, along with the present music, games, contacts, etc.

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One sure thing about @TheMime: S/he will never even come close to exceeding Twitter’s 140-character tweet limit.

Yes, of course I’m following him/her.

And of course, I really wish I had thought of it first. Not since Shields & Yarnell vertiably defined the 1970s by landing a TV show has there been such a monumental moment in mime history.

Well, other than this one, which I’m pleased as punch to repost now:

Experience the silent struggle that is The Mimulator.

Because inside the glass box, no one can hear you not scream.

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So I’m gearing into my morning routine: Open the fridge. Grab the OJ. Give the container a vigorous shake-shake-shake…

…And the top flips open, resulting in a splatter of orange-juiciness on the refrigerator door, inner shelves, kitchen floor, and — oh by the way — me.

A liquid vitamin C shower is no way to kick off the day. (I am exaggerating — my hand got the worst of it, and was easily rinsed off; but still.)

My first impulse was to assign blame for this debacle to Tropicana and the much-panned juice-packaging redesign that, under public pressure, it’s now abandoning. The blue flip-top spout on the plastic jug that I bought hadn’t been the target of any protests, but it was new-fangled to me, so I figured it had to be faulty. Plus, I didn’t even want the damned oversized jug in the first place — I bought it only because the special calcium-infused variety wasn’t available in a regular size.

Then, I thought a little more about it. And I remembered that I had made a midnight fridge raid the night before, wherein I took a quick swig of the orange stuff. So it’s quite possible that I hadn’t properly closed the spout, and thus had set myself up for sabotage.

Overall, a pretty frustrating morning. I think I’m going to go back to popping Vitamin C tablets instead.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 03/04/2021 10:54:06 AM
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