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Tuesday, February 24, 2021

I got a happy surprise today when 10/10 Optics called and told me that my new glasses were ready for pickup, days earlier than I expected.

So I hustled over to get them. Maybe I was excited about gracing my face with this l.a. Eyeworks black-grey frame (inexplicably named “Shorty”). Or maybe I was anxious to start seeing a little more crystal-clearly than I had been through my years-old lenses.

Or, more likely, I was looking forward to getting myself another shot of Jack Daniels to seal the transaction, as is the unique habit at this particular optician.

I actually had to request my goodbye hit of liquor this time out, after the final fitting. But they complied cheerfully enough. Luckily it was another bone-chilling day out, which justified the tippling well enough.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 02/24/2009 10:39:53 PM
Category: Fashion, New Yorkin'
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