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Thursday, February 19, 2021

Yesterday while walking around Manhattan isle, I encountered not one, but two instances of the familiar New York Yankees team logo displayed upside-down, as pictured above (next to the regular version, for comparative purposes).

Well, they weren’t exactly as pictured above. In both cases, the logo was on articles of clothing (a winter cap and a sweatshirt), and the people wearing them had chosen to turn those articles inside-out. So what was on display was the reverse-stitching of the logo, in its mirror-imaged form. It actually looked unusual enough that, both times, it took me a few seconds to recognize exactly what I was looking at. The first time around, in the case of the cap, the weird outlines of the reversed “NY” put me in mind of some kind of Klingon alphabet symbols

Anyway, I’m sure that both cases, the effect was unintentional. Still, I’d like to imagine that this flipping of the Yankees imagery was some kind of silent protest, conscious or not, in response to the ‘roid-raging Alex Rodriguez scandal. In similar spirit to flying an upside-down flag.

Probably not. But why not make it so? I say, any Bronx Bombers fan pissed off enough over A-Rod’s a-roid situation should reverse out their Yankees cap, tshirt, and other merchandise and walk around with it in full view. It’ll be non-committal way of showing off displeasure.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 02/19/2009 11:57 AM
Category: Baseball, Fashion, New Yorkin'
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