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Sunday, February 15, 2021

A relatively new cognitive disorder where one feels cut off from a sense of wholeness because of constant exposure to only incomplete parts of things and ideas which do not

Do ya get it? Good.

I ran across this simply humorous poster somewhere in the bowels of Brooklyn’s Treehouse, during the Jelly open house that was held there on Friday. It’s about as funny as a decapitated run-on sentence can get.

I got the full top-three-floors tour of the building, plus the rooftop, to see how they were recycling big chunks of the building itself for repurposed workspace. I took more pictures, but because my weak cameraphone failed me again, this one is the only one that was worth saving. If you want to see actual photos of home office-like spaces, you can always check the Treehouse blog.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/15/2009 11:38am
Category: Comedy, Creative, Photography, Wordsmithing
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