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Monday, February 09, 2021

As this Great Recession deepens, the casualty list is bound to fill with the corpses of incorporated and limited-liability legal quasi-entities, i.e. companies. And there’ll be less chance for reorganizational resurrection via Chapter 11, as the lack of free-flow credit funding now makes bankruptcy more of a true death sentence.

So it’s time to finger the who’s who among the likeliest big-time American companies to go belly up in 2009, with a Top 15 list like that from U.S. News & World Report’s Jim Newman.

Newman’s hit list, based mostly on debt loads and corresponding lack of cash reserves:

1. Rite Aid
2. Claire’s Stores
3. Chrysler
4. Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group
5. Realogy Corp.
6. Station Casinos
7. Loehmann’s Capital Corp.
8. Sbarro
9. Six Flags
10. Blockbuster
11. Krispy Kreme
12. Landry’s Restaurants
13. Sirius Satellite Radio
14. Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings
15. BearingPoint

Nothing like a steady stream of economic tremors to cull dead pool speculations. I’m surprised that a bunch of these lists/contests haven’t sprouted in force yet. It would certainly get traffic and forums buzzing online.

As much as I like morbidity mixed in with my black humor, I’ll refrain from participation. I will, however, impart one guideline, gained from limited past experience:

My most vivid memory of old-style celebrity dead pool play came many years ago, and was coordinated via intra-office electronic messaging (no email just yet). The game coordinator sent out a brief rundown of the gameplay rules, which included this tragi-comic caveat (paraphrased, as I’m going by memory):

…And I can’t believe I have to mention this, but since it came up last year: You cannot be directly responsible for causing the death of anyone on your list, or else you’ll be disqualified.

Whether you more regret the disqualification, or the subsequent jailtime, probably says a lot about how competitive you are…

As applied to this business-entity extermination list, I’d guess that you can’t be involved in any harmful stock-price manipulations, nor any similar acts of corporate malfeasance, just to claim a win. Otherwise, game on!

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 02/09/2021 12:31:53 PM
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