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Wednesday, January 21, 2021

Here’s Vince with ShamWow:

Here’s what comes to mind as I watch this low-grade as-seen-on-TV spot:

- Vince has a distinctly crackheaded look about him. The sun-dried, craggily-looking facial figures are a giveaway.

- Vince gesticulates with his forearms in such a way as to give the impression that they’re abnormally long. I’m betting he’s giving kid viewers nightmares with those flapping, tentacle-like appendages.

- Vince’s monologue is given an odd cadence by his inscrutable accent (is he from Brooklyn? Queens? Jersey? Nova Scotia??), not to mention his weird off-the-cuff asides: “Made in Germany — you know the Germans always make good stuff” and “You with me, camera-guy?”, etc.

- That conspicuous black plastic headset attached to Vince’s head makes you wonder if they didn’t pull some random telemarketer/phone-support temp out of a cubicle to shoot this commercial.

As you can see, Vince steals the mindshare from his product. It barely registers that the ShamWow owes its name to a cheesy play on “chamois” or “shammy”. Instead, they should call it the “Vince-Wow”.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 01/21/2009 11:17:40 AM
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  1. Have you seen his new commercial for the kitchen product? “You’re gonna love my nuts!”

    Comment by david — 01/21/2009 @ 11:37:10 AM

  2. No, haven’t seen Vince branch out yet. Nothing can stop him now!!

    Comment by CT — 01/21/2009 @ 11:45:02 AM

  3. Ha! His new one puts the ShamWow to shame - it’s that good. If you know what I mean.

    Comment by david — 01/21/2009 @ 05:17:05 PM

  4. Well, I found the next edition of Vince’s infomercial empire: The Slap Chop. “You’re gonna love my nuts”, indeed.

    I actually did come across this on the tube once, but forgot about it. Not as rag-tag as the ShamWow one; Vince seems to be acquiring some unwelcomed polish to his pitch:

    Comment by CT — 01/22/2009 @ 10:47:11 AM


    Headset Hotties is a bare-bones, and blatant, attempt to cash in (via AdSense clickthrus) on the low-level fascination over the homogenous stock-photo models featured on random customer-support websites.

    And I really wish I had thought of it first…..

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 02/03/2021 @ 07:02:17 PM

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