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Friday, January 02, 2021

Rather than bear the double-sting of falling out of power and seeing an influx of reveling Democratic throngs, a good number of District of Columbia Republican apparatchiks are bugging out of Washington during President Obama’s Inauguration festivities.

While simultaneously making lemons out of lemonade:

Good capitalists that they are, some of these Republicans are among the Washingtonians looking to rent out their homes to well-heeled Democrats who will pony up for a place to stay.

One GOP aide to a well-known conservative despised by Democrats is hoping to head up to New York City and make a few bucks in the process — but is taking a page from Reagan’s “trust but verify” mantra.

“I want to rent my place out but don’t put my name next to that in case I do — don’t want people knowing they are staying in a [REDACTED] staffer’s place and trash[ing] the joint.”

Maybe this will kick off a trend of opposite-party self-exile from DC every four or eight years. Certainly wouldn’t kill these politicos to bust out of the Beltway, whatever the reason.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 01/02/2021 06:18:55 PM
Category: Politics
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