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Saturday, December 20, 2021

So I’ve now got my answer to what became of that Craigslist announcement for a recreation of the Edouard Manet/Bow Wow Wow scenery in Central Park: It was for a feature shot on CrackBerry.com, a BlackBerry fan site.

Click through on the above link to see John Broughton’s “The Picnic in Central Park”, as photographed by Cynthia Vesser. Nice homage, complete with foreground male model filling the seemingly empty hand from the original with a BlackBerry Storm.

The staging of the scene did hit a few snags, though:

Despite only getting one shot in before we were removed by the park police, the photographer, Cynthia Vesser, delivered an amazing photo. The area of the Park that we were in was not covered by permits, and because of the partial nudity we had to pack up the shoot and go before we were able to finalize the scene. We did manage to convince the park police for one shot before leaving and the attachment is what was produced in that shot!

Personally, I think the photo was well worth the excitement! We tried to pay attention to detail -if you squint, you can even see blackberries in the front (but also my cowboy boots still on the girl in the back - she didn’t have time to take them off and stand in the freezing stream). We had wanted to better position the quilt to show the Blackberry name or CB logo, but we had no time. Every time I see the picture, I can still visualize the two park police, standing just out of the frame of the photo on the left - and especially their surprise when the girls started disrobing for the shot :-)

Just as well that I didn’t trek out there to see this action — sounds like it was all too short. In any case, here are the two images that inspired this whole adventure:
Edouard Manet, “Luncheon on the Grass”, 1863

Bow Wow Wow, “Go Wild in the Country”, 1982

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 12/20/2008 01:16pm
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