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Monday, December 08, 2021

Looking for a jar or two of Vegemite? I know where you can lay your hands on some…

This photo was not taken in Australia, but right here in New York. Specifically at Tuck Shop (”The Great Aussie Bite”), the main spot for any and all Down Under expatriates who are within easy distance of the East Village. The Shop is just off the corner of 1st Avenue and 1st Street — so perhaps it’s not too surprising to find such an outlandish window display so near the Kramer-declared “nexus of the universe” (for you “Seinfeld” fans).

I did take this picture myself, with my cameraphone (see Flickr for better versions). I’m kinda pissed that I had to. I first came across this sight over the weekend, when I was taking a rare walk up 1st Ave.; I didn’t have time to stop to take a shot, but mentally noted it and figured I’d find someone else’s photo of this scene online. Alas, I did not — one more instance of the Internet letting me down. Seriously, this is New York — I can’t be the only one in this town who deemed this to be photo-worthy, can I?

So I had to drag myself back there today and snap my pictures, while freezing my butt off. Worth it, I guess — the cameraphone’s poor resolution and my own photographic ineptness notwithstanding.

Despite my instant fondness for this yellow-and-red lineup (I estimate about 85 jars visible in the window), I don’t have resultant hankering for, say, a Vegemite sandwich. I hear it’s pretty nasty.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 12/08/2021 08:49:53 PM
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