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Saturday, November 22, 2021

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Here’s something I stumbled upon yesterday, right after updating to the latest 2.2 firmware on my iPod Touch:

To take a screenshot all you need to do is hold down the Menu button (the black circle) and press the power button at the top of the device - you will see a white flash on your screen which means the screenshot was taken. In order to access the screenshots just go to your [Photos] on your iPod Touch. It will appear within your saved images.

Sure enough, I tried the dual-pressing of the buttons (the only two physical buttons on the thing, unlike the iPhone or the new 2nd-generation iTouch, both of which have volume-control sidetabs). It took the freeze-frame and saved the results in the Photos section. I must have taken a half-dozen shots of the home screen, album cover art, in-action gameplay, etc.

What good is this? After all, it’s not a real camera — it’s nothing more than a Windows-like Print Screen function. But you can use this to take pristine images of iPod App results in games (high-scores), maps directions, emails, and so on. Even more creatively, you can take a shot of the album art from one of your favorite songs, and automatically set that as the iTouch’s wallpaper (after appropriate cropping), all without going through the trouble of syncing up via iTunes first.

Looks like this works only with the 2.x version of the iPhone/iTouch firmware. I assume it also works on the iPhone. I wonder why Apple kept this on the down-low as a hidden feature; I thought they were through with such Easter eggs…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 11/22/2008 04:07 PM
Category: Photography, iPod
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    I’ve stumbled upon another sorta-Easter Egg for the iPod Touch, to go with the two-button screenshot trick. I’m not sure how “hidden” this stuff is, but I do know that Apple doesn’t make it explicit as to their existence, so I’ll note this one he…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 12/20/2008 @ 6:19 PM

  2. Thank you!!!
    I figured out how to do it once, but i didn’t know what i did to do it, and so i couldn’t figure out how to do it again. now it seems like everyone is getting weird programs and being all screwy with their iphones to do something that i know i had done before.. Brilliant!

    Comment by Susan — 01/16/2009 @ 1:56 PM

  3. I accidentally did this before too and couldn’t figure out how. You can also save an image by holding your finger on the image, a window will slide open asking if you wish to save the image.

    Comment by AFTAlonzo — 07/31/2009 @ 3:28 PM

  4. @AFTAlonzo: That’s not the same thing as this. Saving an image with the finger-touch saves just that single image, not the entire screen and all the elements like the two-button method does.

    Comment by CT — 07/31/2009 @ 3:39 PM

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