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Tuesday, November 04, 2021

I caught Zack and Miri Make a Porno this past weekend. And enjoyed it mightily, I might add.

One bonus piece of enjoyment I got out of it (besides all the nudity and swearing and such): My rediscovery of MC Chris’ “Fett’s Vette”, which I first heard on the end credits of some episode or other of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, years ago.

How does a rap ballad about the Star Wars universe’s baddest bounty hunter, and his quest to pay off his custom Corvette, go? Something like this:

Question: Why does MC Chris choose the following combinations for the chorus:

My backpack’s — got jets
I’m Boba — The Fett
I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt
To finance — my Vette

He adds “the” to Boba’s name, and deletes it from Jabba the Hutt’s. I guess it’s for better lyrical flow. But you can achieve the same rhythm this way: “I am Boba Fett / I bounty hunt for Jabba the Hutt”. But then, I’m no rapper-type-guy.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/04/2021 08:47:28 AM
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I snapped the above cameraphone pic of this wayward tree-bound pumpkin yesterday afternoon, on Bond Street just past Bowery. It’s as fitting an end for a post-Halloween jack-o’-lantern as any, I suppose; I’m guessing he’ll make a nice little snack for the squirrels and birds before the serious gourd-rot sets in. It’d be even funnier if some critter decided to make a temporary dwelling out of it, with the carved portions serving as windows.

Embiggened version, for what it’s worth, on Flickr.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/04/2021 08:31:05 AM
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I have pulled the lever.

Yes, already. It’s going to be a packed day, and I figured the polling place lines would be lengthy all day (all day being from 6AM to 9PM in New York State). Since I hate to wait, I decided to strike out early, making the short trek from my door to the elementary school voting site right at 6AM (while it was still dark out).

There was indeed a line when I got there, but it was only about a dozen people deep — much less than I’d feared. The workers took a moment or two to get their act together, but we got in within minutes of the starting gun. Luckily, things moved quickly from there: They found my name in the rolls, pointed me to the curtained booth, and I was out of there inside of five minutes. (Tidbit: The guy in front of me in line? Name was George Bush. I didn’t catch his middle initial(s).)

With all the problems concerning vote-counting machines, I can’t say I was wholly satisfied with the old-style lever-action machines they’re using in New York, mainly because there’s no receipt at completion. If I get a receipt for buying a bag of chips, I don’t think it’s unreasonable that I should get a hard-copy record of my exercising my civic duty. The State is supposed to upgrade to more modern devices in two years, so maybe we’ll see some improvement then.

So, my first election in New York State since, well, my first-ever eligible election when I turned 18, is completed. I’ve felt a bit let down by the lack of national impact: It’s no mystery which way the Empire State will go, with Obama having led by 30 percentage points since last year. Not like when I was in Florida for the past few Presidential elections, when toss-up votes really meant something. But you do what you can, and hopefully I did.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/04/2021 07:15:11 AM
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