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Friday, October 31, 2021

I like to say that we’re living in the midst of a great Age of Distraction, characterized by constant and incessant sensory input. Judging from all the creature-comfort crap they’re building into our automobiles, the buzz isn’t going to subside anytime soon.

Not even in a cheap ride:

Ford has embraced what it calls the “democratization” of new technology, meaning the company plans to make its latest features available in all models, not just the most expensive.

The company’s voice-activated Sync system, a communication and entertainment network for mobile phones and digital music players, was introduced on the Ford Focus, a lower-priced compact sedan, and then rolled out on more expensive models.

How does the onboard entertainment system, beverage cooler, etc. jibe with fuel efficiency? I know that keeping the AC running all the time degrades mileage per gallon; I have to believe that maintaining a living room on wheels multiplies that effect. Of course, with oil prices tanking, I guess no one’s going to care much about that soon.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 10/31/2008 10:02:21 AM
Category: Business, Society, Tech
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  1. Something about your reaction makes me think you never took a long, long trip with a car full of kids :)

    Comment by David — 10/31/2008 @ 10:08:18 AM

  2. Do college roommates count? :)

    Whatever, just load up the kids’ iPods with enough music, movies, games etc. and drive on (no need to recommend buying the ‘pods because they’re already de rigeur). At least the car battery would get a break.

    Comment by CT — 10/31/2008 @ 11:38:37 AM

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