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Tuesday, October 21, 2021

…We’re back. In case anyone noticed this blog was down for the better part of today.

The reason: I was changing hosting companies for PopulationStatistic.com, and the move from one server to another had to take place somewhat piecemeal. Unfortunately I didn’t have the luxury of taking the day off just to attend to this little ol’ blog.

But the job’s done now. At least as far as I can tell. There’s always some nagging little detail to miss when it comes to moving or upgrading a WordPress installation, but it appears to have come off cleanly. If anything snafus, hopefully I’ll catch and fix it forthrightly.

With that, I’ll give a thankful shout-out to HostGator, the new hosting provider hereabouts. I needed their tech support to complete the import of my WP MySQL database backup (I guess it’s fairly large at 17MB), and they did it for me quickly and cleanly. To boot, the site already feels a lot zippier, especially on the backend. I’m crossing my fingers that the experience stays positive. The fact that they run on green energy, and let you know about it, is an added bonus (as expressed by the “Hosted By” button tag I’m displaying in the lower-left sidebar on this page).

That’s the yin, here’s the yang: This switcheroo was necessitated by the crappy service rendered by my now-former Web host, BlueHost. This was my second year with the Utah-based company; the first year was fairly trouble-free. But this year, I’ve had consistent uptime problems since April. They started small and basically accelerated to the point where, lately, this site’s seen downtime of several minutes at various points during each day. As far as I can tell, BlueHost is embarking upon a massive expansion of its client base, and they simply can’t handle additional strain on their equipment — i.e., they’ve gotten too big for their britches. I’ve sent a couple of trouble tickets their way, and even directly emailed CEO Matt Heaton, to no avail. I’m not one to waste much time and effort in that avenue — I realize it’s fruitless. So after giving BlueHost ample time to address its growing pains, I washed my hands of the deal. Summation: BlueHost sucks. And there’s no way I’d recommend it, for personal or (especially) business projects.

That’s that, as far as this chapter of the blog housekeeping goes. I’m crossing my fingers I won’t have to address this again anytime soon. Justify my early-stage love, HostGator!

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 10/21/2008 06:25:44 PM
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  1. Dreamhost, where I hang my sites, had similar growing pains for about a year; they seem to have straightened up now, as least as regards the domains I have over there.

    My WP database is, as of this morning, 17.68 MB; this includes about 4200 posts and 11,300 comments. (The old Movable Type database, which I haven’t yet taken down, had 20.59 MB for slightly fewer items.)

    Comment by CGHill — 10/21/2008 @ 08:38:05 PM

  2. I looked at Dreamhost briefly (along with a couple others); I wasn’t sufficiently impressed, plus their pricing seemed too high and too confusing. If HostGator craps out on me, perhaps I’ll revisit.

    That WordPress db is getting to be a pain, size-wise. I can never install it myself without it timing out.

    Comment by CT — 10/22/2008 @ 10:19:32 AM

  3. Blue Host is horrible. I have a small e-commerce site that has been with them for a year and a half. I woke up this morning to find my website offline, my email not working, and unable to log in to my cpanel. I don’t have any protected content on my site. I have never sent a SPAM email. I haven’t done anything that could possibly violate anyone’s terms and conditions. They have completely shut down my business and will not give me a hint as to why. After going back and forth with support and no answers, their last response is that “sales will get back to me shortly”. They have all my files and my sales database and apparently they are not giving it back. They are not giving me any reasons or answers. Just 100% gone.

    But please please do not rely on HostGator either. They did exactly the same thing to me except they shut down two of my websites at once (the e-business site plus a personal blog) and never told me what the problem was. Then they continued to charge my credit card for hosting service. They ignored me when I asked them to reverse the charge, and then when I did a chargeback through me credit card company, they told me that they are charging me a large fee for their inconvenience and that they are sending me to a collection agency for the chargeback + their fee. So really hostgator is worse by not only shutting down websites but also the credit card fraud and threats later. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    Comment by Heather — 11/09/2021 @ 04:00:23 PM

  4. @Heather: Sorry to hear about your hosting nightmares, thanks for sharing. I’m going to have to cross my fingers on HostGator, as I’m not about to go through the hassle of moving this site again. In the early going, they’ve been great.

    As for losing your data, that highlights the importance of regular and frequent backups, bothersome as that is.

    Comment by CT — 11/09/2021 @ 05:34:55 PM


    Nearly a month ago, I switched hosting companies for this blog from BlueHost to HostGator, due to BlueHost’s increasingly unreliable service, i.e. downtimes of at least several minutes throughout each day.

    Turns out all that downtime wasn’t the on…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 11/14/2008 @ 11:51:28 AM

  6. I am with Bluehost for 6 months and they are the worst then a 3rd world nation. Last December I got my Domain Hacked to another hosting, Bluehost wasn’t gona do darn thing to help me so I went legal and brought the shit back. Yesterday 24th Jan I wakeup and see my website and all contents are gone. All 1GB of Data over 6 months forum stats GONE! they have no explanations and are very slow answer

    I am getting outta this shit

    Comment by Zaid — 01/25/2009 @ 06:43:10 AM

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