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Friday, October 10, 2021

I’ve yet to visit New York’s own Museum of Sex. But I’ve passed by it a few times, and it’s usually worth looking up from the sidewalk to see what they’ve got in the window.

Like the above display, showing off current exhibit “The Sex Lives of Animals”. I liked the caption enough to cameraphone the scene, and luckily enough the picture came out pretty clear:

“Female elephants have been observed masturbating one another using their trunks.”

Note that the accompanying image of the two pachyderms doesn’t suggest girl-on-girl action involving trunks, as much as traditional male-female copulation. I guess the Museum wanted to let the verbiage speak for itself, without too-graphic detail.

As usual, I’ve loaded up the embiggened version of the above photo to Flickr. Enjoy.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 10/10/2021 06:18:09 PM
Category: New Yorkin', Photography, Science
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