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Thursday, October 09, 2021

Can’t bear to see Texas Stadium go bye-bye after this National Football League season? The Cowboys have a Lone Star State-sized proposition for you, courtesy of Neiman Marcus and the perennially over-the-top Christmas Book: An opportunity to buy one of the endzones from the old stadium, for half a million dollars.

To honor battles won and heroes lost over 38 glorious years, you can put 530 square yards of sporting history into your own backyard: An entire Cowboys Texas Stadium end zone…

The perfect gift for envious buds? A framed 26″ x 36″ collage with a touchable section of the other end zone for their very own! (It’s a limited edition of 380, to celebrate 38 seasons at Texas Stadium.)

If there’s any karmic justice in the universe, this McMansion-matched patch of blue will be plagued by gopher holes and bird droppings, forevermore. And what’s with that other endzone being divvied up into 380 chunks of under 1 square yard each? I’m not going to do the math, but I’m estimating that about half the other endzone will be unaccounted for. A future Dallas mystery…

I’m sure this will start an NFL trend. In the near future, some New Jersey yahoo will scoop up the sacred ground out of Giants Stadium. I only hope that Jimmy Hoffa will be included in the purchase price.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 10/09/2021 10:49:53 PM
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Soundtrack to the End of The World is a quiet little blog, with a pretty basic purpose: Showcasing user-submitted playlists of the final dozen or so songs one would want to play, just as Armageddon sets in.

Looks like the blog’s been around since August, well ahead of the current economic meltdown we’re experiencing. Obviously, the concept of tune-playing while Wall Street burns comes off as just a little more appropriate of late.

As you can tell from the latest example, it’s all highly subjective, with obscure tracks aplenty (the only one I recognize right off is “Los Angeles” by X). Whatever aural stimulation suits you while the curtain comes down, it’s all good. Each post includes a link to some iffy filesharing site, where you can download a big honkin’ file containing the bleakly-themed mixtape.

(Via e.e.c.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 10/09/2021 08:36:19 PM
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door-and-bulb, door-and-bulbCourtesy of sometime-fellow Jellyer noneck, I too can now master any bit of choreography that Indian cinema throws at me:

the key to bollywood dancing, “open the door and unscrew the lightbulb” - try it.

It’s unlikely that Bollywood will come calling for my dance skills anytime soon. But still, good to be prepared. After all, I’ve had my very own Mumbai-inspired short film, with subtitles, ready to go for years.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 10/09/2021 11:08:31 AM
Category: Comedy, Creative, Movies
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