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Wednesday, October 08, 2021

Who’s watching the state capital watchmen? Dishearteningly, fewer and fewer reporters, as cutbacks are forcing newspapers in New York and elsewhere to do away with full-time correspondents assigned to the statehouse beat.

Shadowing legislatures and gubernatorial wonks wasn’t always such a low item on the journalistic totem pole:

For many news organizations, staffing a statehouse bureau was long viewed as a necessity — something more essential to coverage than having a Washington bureau, which was considered more of a trophy investment. Compared with sending a correspondent to Washington, opening a statehouse bureau was also more practical because the business of state legislatures is often more relevant than what happens in Congress.

The pullback isn’t surprising, nor is the resulting dearth of direct-sourced newsgathering throughout the media ecosystem. State-level news seems to be suffering a middle-child syndrome: Big-issue topics, even when particular to a state, seem to belong to a broader conversation within national coverage; while local coverage attracts eyeballs by virtue of its granularity. Goings-on in Albany and other capitals are barely an afterthought.

Assuming there is an audience for what goes on state-wide, who will fill the void that the papers are leaving behind? You’d think the bloggers would rush in to occupy that statehouse pressroom deskspace (even via long-distance), except that original reporting isn’t the blogosphere’s strong suit.

Therefore, I’m looking at you, Politico. The politics-only online pub is doing nicely, as it should in a Presidential election year. But that feeding frenzy is going to end soon enough, and the content well will need refilling, for both readers’ and advertisers’ sakes. I can see state-level editions of Politico filling that gap: “ny.politico.com”, “tx.politico.com”, etc. Shouldn’t be that hard to enlist intrepid polibloggers, reporters, and whoever else to contribute.

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still alive
It didn’t take long after Britney Spears’ newest single, “Womanizer”, hit the Web before the remixers got to work.

This is, by far, my favorite remix title of the bunch:

Womanizer (You Love Her Coz She’s Dead remix)

Reports of Ms. Spears’ demise are, of course, greatly exaggerated. But for song remixing purposes, it helps to craft an alternate reality.

Too bad the track itself isn’t as good as its title. In fact, all the remixes on that linked post are subpar, including (most disappointingly) the one from The Teenagers. The only decent ones so far are from Brooklyn’s own Mr. Vega, I think. I’m waiting for some strong extended-play reinterpretations of this jammin’ little tune to emerge.

UPDATE, 10/9/2008: I’m obviously not hip enough to have known that “You Love Her Coz Shes Dead” is not so much a wishful descriptor for Britney, but rather the name of a chiptune(ish) band. I still like the juxtaposition in the track title, though.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 10/08/2021 10:53:46 AM
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